Comment Policy

I encourage comments on this site. They provide me with insight into my work and are an important source of others’ viewpoints. When you comment here, you become a part of a community who reads and comments on these pages.

Every community has guidelines to keep it lively and functioning efficiently for the benefit of all its members. Below are this community’s commenting guidelines. If you have questions about this Comment Policy, please feel free to email me using the “Contact” menu tab at the top of every page.

1. Please be civil
No name calling, rudeness, personal attacks and similar comments will be tolerated. If you’re unsure whether your comment falls under these limitations, just remember the Golden Rule. And remember that your comment will be visible worldwide, so don’t say anything you wouldn’t want your mother to see! Discussions, even heated ones, are welcome, but keep it within the bounds of civility.

2. Comments must be true and correct in light of your knowledge and experience
This should be obvious. Any comments that violate this policy will be deleted.

3. Links in comments are OK
Relevant links in comments are allowed. If you want to point to a link on your own or someone else’s site that is relevant to the topic, then please feel free to do so. This adds to the conversation and improves this site. Note that if you have more than two links, the spam filter will pick it up and your message might not be displayed. If you want to provide more than two links, please email me using the Contact tab and let me know so I can rescue your comment from the spam filter.

4. No commercial messages
Commercial messages and links in comments are not allowed and will be deleted, no matter how good the product or service is, or how relevant it might be to readers. Allowing the comment or link to stand would be a tacit endorsement of the product or service without my having reviewed it.

5. Spam is deleted
I have spam filters in place which automatically catch the majority of automated spam comments. I don’t put up with it, and if any spam comments slip through the filters, I delete them immediately.

6. No trolls allowed
I delete comments with personal attacks, obvious attempts to anger others, or other comments that I deem not to be in keeping with the standards of this site. If these comments persist, I will ban the commenter from this site.

7. I reserve the right to edit any comment
An example of this would be a good comment that is made by a salesperson for a commercial interest. I would edit the comment to remove the commercial message. I always note in the comment that I have edited it.

8. I own this site and my decision is final
I am the sole arbiter of whether a comment is libelous, hateful, hurtful, or otherwise inappropriate. This site is my responsibility, and I take it seriously. The readers of Rusty Nails are worldwide, and I believe I have a mandate to keep comments constructive, civil, and acceptable to this broad audience.

People who choose to violate these policies will be notified by email. After two notifications, they will be banned from the site.