Extra Crispy

April 27, 2011      James Hayes Nichols
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Chaff for the dogs on coffeeshop porches. Chaff for the dogs in police dog cruisers. Chaff for the fire of nights. Chaff for the waffles of morn.

Pink flesh of showertime mornings. Pink flesh of rawdog mornings. Pink eyes of hangover mornings. Pink lips of lustful night.

Toys for the children of soldiers. Toys for the dogs of the side. Toys for the porcelain horses. Toys for the hares in the grass.

Lanolin your prayer and poison. Lanolin to fill up your tub. Lanolin soapsuds on sidewalks. Lanolin cakes you for sale.

Moped hums to crosstown lot. Moped teal on blacktop crack. Moped scars the rider falls. Moped on the scene tonight.

Pitbull drooling gently catlike. Pitbull wagging brighteyes yellow. Pitbull leashed up parktime wanting. Pitbull knows the time it is.

Blue hair waves on peanut headtop. Blue hair dyed on filthy sinktop. Blue hair lost to coming oldness. Blue hair holiday today.

Cinque Hicks your time is coming. Cinque Hicks this town is coming. Cinque Hicks the people know us. Cinque Hicks art politics.

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